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Christian radio
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Mladen Jovanovic
The history of Croatian Christian Radio starts with God's plan for the lives and ministry of Mladen and Dragica Jovanovic. We would like to share this history with you and we hope to glorify God as we do so.
In 1969, Mladen graduated from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He was offered a teaching position at the same university. Little did he know that God had a plan for his life. While teaching Mladen noticed two students who read the Bible and shared their Christian experience. They were religious in a different way than all the other religious people he had known.
His first reaction, as a good educator, was that he wanted to help them not only in their regular lectures, but to bring them out of believing in religion which he saw as myths and legends. However, such involvement reached the turning point when he started reading the Bible in order to prove that it is nothing else but myths and legends. The outcome was he ended his study with firm conclusions that the Bible is nothing else but the Word of the Living God. Mladen was converted to Christianity and eighteen months later, in December 1971, Mladen was baptized, and shortly after so was his wife Dragica.

Vlado & Renata Psenko
Mladen searched for ways to serve God and share his great passion of proclaiming from the Bible Jesus as a personal Savior and Redeemer. He became aware of the impact of radio ministry in Gospel proclamation, he realized the radio air waves could reach listeners about God right in their homes. His radio ministry, under the title "Radosna vijest" (Good News) was established in the early seventies in former Yugoslavia. He also partnered with the Herald of Truth in producing radio programs that could reach the 21 million inhabitants of former Yugoslavia.
Although communist Yugoslavia tolerated religion, it was not public, religion was kept in the privacy of homes or church facilities. The only way to air a Christian program was from somewhere outside of the country. Mladen found a way by airing his Bible programs in the Croatian language through the Monte Carlo Radio, and the Luxemburg Radio.
In the early 1990's, Croatia claimed its independence from Yugoslavia which brought access to local FM radio stations. Mladen started to buy radio time from FM radio stations throughout Croatia. His Bible messages also were aired through an AM radio station in Tirana, Albania.
Today Mladen Jovanovic serves at the congregation in Zagreb as a pulpit minister, evangelist, elder, and a faculty chair with the Institute for Biblical Studies in Zagreb. He also, writes, translates and publishes religious literature. Mladen and Dragica have three grown children and three grandchildren.
By the end of 2005, Mladen Jovanovic, was granted a new co-worker in this avenue of proclamation of the Gospel, Vlado Psenko. Vlado is a national Croatian evangelist who was serving at the Downtown Church of Christ in Zagreb.
Vlado Psenko was born in 1963, in a village in eastern Croatia. In 1982, he graduated from a High School in Belgrade, the capital of former Yugoslavia, with a vocation of broadcaster. In 1985, he moved to Zagreb. In 1990, he met Christians at the Downtown Church of Christ and in the same year he committed his life to Christ and was immersed into the waters of baptism. In 1999, he married Renata, and together they started to work in ministry. From 1991-2000, Vlado initiated and conducted an outreach known as the "Poetry and Song Sessions", which led to publishing a book in 1996, containing original Christian Croatian poetry. In 2006, he received the first bachelor's degree from the Zagreb's Institute for Biblical Studies and Applied Theology under the leadership of Dr. Tom Sibley.

Drago Rozic & his familiy
Vlado is the author and producer of the 15 minute radio message series, and along with his wife Renata, of the 3 minute radio message series, airing under the title "The Valley of Blessings" ("Dolina blagoslova"). As of 2007, these evangelistic messages are broadcasted over seven local FM radio stations, reaching a large audience in the Croatian capital of Zagreb and in eastern Croatia, the place of Vlado's birth.
In 2007, this web page was initiated and edited by Drago Rozic, Associtae Minister at the Downtown Church of Christ. The web page includes, along with radio messages in Croatian, also sermons taking place at Kuslanova Church of Christ and the Downtown Church of Christ. Included are interviews with Christians, announcement of seminars, and other events within the church family. Drago Rozic is married to Jasna and they three daughters: Stjepka, Matilda and Koraljka.
We would like to honor Susan Sutter for her wonderful efforts in editing of the English text of this web page.


Christian Radio of the Churches of Christ in Zagreb (Kuslanova & Downtown) are ministries that promote the teachings and values of the Bible. The messages encourage listeners to a full commitment to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Programs consist of 15 minute messages (series under title "Good News" and "Valley of Blessings") as well as 3 minute messages. The 15 minute messages are Christ centered and Bible centered and are aired weekly.
Having Bible verses as a guiding thought, authors Mladen Jovanovic and Vlado Psenko, present their own experience or use other Christians' experiences in order to show how the Bible, God's Word and the only authority, is a relevant guidebook for everyday life. Often there is an invitation, at the end of message, given to a radio listener to commit his or her life to Christ. They are then offered a Bible or Bible related literature. They are encouraged to call for prayer needs and counseling, at which time we can mentor them future in their commitment and new walk with God.

Vlado Psenko & Mladen Jovanovic
In a daily 3-minute slot participants present readings, selected verses, on a theme, i.e. longing for God, suffering, prayer, faithfulness, commitment, sickness, praise, loneliness, etc., or include a short encouraging message based on a Bible topic. Listeners after each message are encouraged to call or send letters. They are offered the opportunity to request Bible related literature and CDs of the broadcasts.


The Downtown Church of Christ in Zagreb, Croatia has regular church services, and is the editorial office for the staff of the Christian Radio, along with the library for the Institute for Biblical Studies. Our phone is open for callers from the city as well as radio listeners. Mail and Email flows in and out of our office continually and distribution of CD's and other Bible literature is apart of our workday. Our doors are open for visitors and our hearts are open to minister. Not only doors, but our facility is open for those just needing fellowship, a place to rest and be accepted and our kitchen serves meals to staff and to some in need of food or a cup of coffee, revealing that our facility is available for use for staff, church members and visitors alike. We pray that God will use us and the facility continually.


  1. To glorify God in all endeavors and fulfill His calling to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By using radio, we can share the Gospel on a continual basis to a wide audience. An audience of people who can listen from their homes because we all need God's encouragement and intervention in our daily lives, which should begin and end each day in our homes. Others on the road in their cars or work vehicles can listen to the messages. We are burdened to share the truth that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that the Bible is the Word of God that reveals God's plan for salvation and the plan for Christian life in this world.
  2. We have this calling upon our hearts to allow the Bible messages to awaken traditional believers to return to the basics, zeal and simplicity of the first century Church. We want to be part of the Lord's church being in a constant process of restoration, renewal and to maintain the Bible as its only authority. By presenting messages that are Biblically based, rather than traditions, we want our messages to reflect the nature of the 'Gentle Shepherd Jesus' calling us to Himself and the power of His Cross and His love as showed in His Word, thus to mend broken hearts, heal and renew the lives of people.
  3. To give a call to every individual to reexamine his or her life in the light of God's Word and make a strong call to full commitment to Jesus as his or her Personal Savior. By sharing the Word of God in consistent messages and in the spirit of Christ's love, we believe many have and many more will come to the true Biblical call of salvation in Jesus Christ.